Friday, December 4, 2009

December 4, 2009

We have sure been keeping ourselves busy while Chad is away. After a full day of hair, the boys and I headed up to Bountiful to spend time with Ken and Becky. They invited us to go to a Christmas Parade there. It was as small town as a small town parade could be and we all loved it! It was complete with Christmas lights, inflatables, a car shooting fire, candy and Santa. The boys are still talking about it, so I guess it was a hit. The parade lasted all of 15 minutes (perfect because it was FREEZING) and then we headed back to Ken and Becky's house for chili and chicken nugget kid's meals and cookies. It was a great time and I am SO lucky to have such great in-laws who want to hang out with me even when Chad is not around :)

Today's Activity: Christmas Parade

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