Monday, November 30, 2009

I am so excited to be in the middle of this holiday season! I love the music, food, and company. Our family is finally healthy! Cohen and I seemed to dodge the sick bullet for the time being and I am so thankful for that. We are all healthy and happy and excited for the things that lie ahead for our family this next month.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving day. It was spent with (this is going to get complicated!) Chad's dad's wife's sister and her family. Or and easier way for us to say it is with Becky's family :O) They are wonderful and have always welcomed us with open arms and big smiles. We love them all so much! Dinner was at Jay and Sarah's house in Smithfield. On our way up to their home, we stopped into my dad's house to give quick Happy Thanksgiving Day hugs and then we hit the road again. It was nice to see them for those 5 minutes. Dinner was delicious, as a Thanksgiving feast should be and we are so grateful for the people who we had the pleasure of spending our day with. Thank you for the invitation!

Cohen is growing like a little weed! Although newborn babies are so sweet and it is such a special time for a mom, I am so glad that Cohen is getting older. He is a little more predictable, I love that I don't need to be quite as gentle with him, we can play with him and get him to giggle a little bit through his huge toothless smile, and he is sleeping like a champ! I have had a large handful of restful nights lately. It is the best when you wake up at 7:30 in the morning and realize that the baby didn't wake you up once during the night!

Cohen LOVES bath time. He gets his little legs a kicking and his arms flapping all over the place just splashing away. I think that is his favorite time of his day. He is also getting so strong. He loves to hold that big head of his up and look all around a room. Just this week he pushed himself up on his little arms and rolled right over onto his back. He is very attentive. He adores his big brothers (who also adore him) and is always happy to have them near him. We bought him a little mat to lay on with toys that hang above his head- live saver! He spends a lot of time there and seems to enjoy it. He is just figuring out how to use his hands, one of my very favorite things to watch. I love to see the concentration in his face as he brings those hands together and rewards himself by sticking them right in his mouth for a little chewing. He will grab onto the little toys that hang from his play mat and you can just tell that it makes him so happy. He is also loosing his awesome hair :( It makes me so sad! It is just falling out like crazy. I guess it's got to happen though for the white curls to come in! He is a wonderful, and at times exhausting, addition to our family. We sure love him!

I think that fills you all in on the rest of our November. Look for upcoming posts on our fun-filled December!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Boo Again!

Now Nixin has tested positive for the flu and Jack with Strep! I cannot wash my hands enough, my house feels so germy! The good news is that Chad is feeling much, much better today. He still has a little cough, but that's it. The doctor thinks that he is most likely not contagious any more. Woo Hoo!

Friday, November 20, 2009


Chad has the Swine Flu :(

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I can't believe that the month of October is gone already! Life with 2 busy boys and a newborn is crazy but wonderful.

Cohen has made GREAT improvements in the sleep department. I have only been getting up with him once a night and that makes for one pretty happy mom. Last night he made it all the way from 10:00 pm to 5:00 am!!! I hope that becomes routine very soon.

Sunday October 11th was a big day for our family. It was Cohen's blessing day. Chad did a wonderful job, as we all knew that he would, and it was great to spend time with our families and close friends. Big huge thank you to Ken and Becky for the yummy luncheon that they provided after the blessing. We are still eating leftovers!

I put my brother, Luke, in charge of the camera. Apparently he was afraid to get pictures of anyone who was not in his immediate family...

Here he is with Cohen:

Chad and I:

My cute (and available) little sister, Laura, with Cohen:

Handsome Nixin:

My dad and Debbie with Cohen:

Cohen on his big day:

Luke with our Grandpa:

And the 3 boys at the end of our busy day:

October also brought with it a preschool field trip to the pumpkin patch. Nixin had a great time playing on the tractors, running through the corn maze and choosing himself and Jack a pumpkin.

The first snow fall of the season arrived and made for 2 super happy little boys! I have mixed feelings about the snow. I love being in the house watching it with my slippers and hot cocoa. But, I greatly dislike it when I have to drive in it, shovel it, or drag my kids out into it.

The cold weather meant coming up with fun indoor activities for the boys. The biggest hit so far: Salt Dough. All it takes is 2 c. flour, 1 c. salt, 3/4-1 c. water, and a few drops of food coloring. They have spent hours playing with this stuff!

The month of October just wouldn't be complete without a trip to visit the witches at Gardner Village!

And we just couldn't forget Halloween! The boys had a blast trick or treating with their friends Dorian, Jane, and Catherine. We have enough candy to last us a year!