Monday, June 28, 2010

First Outing

The weather has finally warmed up and that meant that it was time to take our boat out for its first outing! We left Tuesday night and stayed with my dad and Debbie at their house in Hyrum. Wednesday morning we got up, ate breakfast, and loaded up the boat for a day at Hyrum Lake. Hyrum Lake was perfect and my dad and Debbie were awesome helpers! I will admit that I was really nervous about getting the boat in and out of the water, learning how to drive it, pulling Chad on his wakeboard, etc. all with a little baby. But, I didn't even have to worry about it. They helped Chad take care of everything. I did back the boat down the ramp (with a little help from Deb) and I drove it around a bit. It was fun.

The boys couldn't have been any happier to finally be out on the water!

This is my favorite picture! Look at that adorable little face!

Even though the water was cold enough to take Chad's breath away, he was excited to use his wakeboard. The coolest part was that he had the lake to himself!

Chad went and went and went. My dad dragged him around the lake a few times and finally Chad wore himself out enough that he just had to stop. He's pretty good... and you should have seen his bulging biceps!

Infant life jackets...they just make my baby look so miserable. He wasn't complaining though. In fact, Cohen did great on the boat!

We had one of Debbie's grandsons with us, Colton. The boys had a blast with him. The three of them hopped in the tube (they're much braver than me!) and couldn't wait for their ride. Nixin is much smaller than them and you just couldn't see him at all in the tube. It had me nervous a few times, hoping that he was still in there. We had told them that if they wanted to go faster, we needed to see three thumbs up. It was the cutest thing to see Jack and Colton with their thumbs up and then all you could see of Nixin was his little hand poking out with his thumb up. So cute!

Here is Chad driving his new baby:

And here I am with my little baby:

The boys loved watching Chad wakeboard. They can not wait for us to get a board small enough for them to use.

Grandma Debbie was the best! Isn't she so cute with the boys?

Cohen could not keep his eyes open on the boat. I think the combination of the snug life jacket, the hot sun, and the lull of the boat just knocked him out. Every once in a while you would see his eyes peek open and he'd look around for a second, then bam! He was out again.

Later in the afternoon, Chad and the boys decided that they would hop in the lake for a little swim.

My dad was the flag holder:

The boys and their dad in the lake:

Nixin was so brave to jump in! His face when he popped up out of the water was awesome, I wish that I would have gotten that on camera. I don't think that he expected to go all the way under the water. It was really funny.

Here's Cohen half in and out of sleep:

After boating, we went out to dinner and then headed back to my dad's to roast marshmallows (GIANT ones that we found @ Harmons!).

We had a wonderful time and can't wait for our next trip to the lake!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Glasses, Suits, Hoops, Eggs, Flowers, and Trouble

The boys got new sunglasses. Nixin went all out when he tried his on!

After months of searching, we FINALLY found Jack a "Track Suit". For some reason it has been at the top of his "want list" for some time now. Thank you Costco!

It was TORTURE for Chad, but we got our basketball hoop up. Thank you neighbors and family members for your help! So far it has brought hours of fun to our family. We have some little basketball players on our hands! Cohen is just as happy as can be to sit on a blanket and watch everyone else play.

Jack had an "egg drop" at his school. This is what we came up with... and his egg survived!

I have spent hours and hours in the gardens. I don't know how to keep up with all of the weeding and planting! But, I am sure trying. It is all totally worth it when babies like these pop up.

And this little creature...Trouble!

Cohen now has 4 teeth, just figured out how to "Army Crawl" (following in the footsteps of his big brothers), says the cutest things like "wassat" (what's that?), "ba" (ball), "dah" (dog), "mama" (my favorite!), "dada", "ja" (Jack), "teeth" (in a little baby sounding type of word), "bi" (bite), "bah bah" (bye bye), "hah" (hi), and I'm sure I'm missing a couple more. He is eating everything. He gets mad if we are eating and don't share with him. The boy loves food! Now that he can "crawl", he is so naughty! He has been caught gnawing on at least 3 raw hide dog bones, un-rolled a roll of toilet paper, played behind the toilet, eaten a penny (I saved it from going down his throat), splashed in the dog's water (like 50 times a day!), tipped over our hall way table, knocking down a vase and breaking a picture frame, opened the kitchen drawers, played with outlets, tipped over garbage cans, tried to stick Legos in our computer, and destroyed Nixin's marble track creation. We are in for it. Doesn't he just look like trouble?

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day 2010

I share my life with some pretty good looking men! Happy Father's Day Chad!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sick Baby AND...

My little baby's 3rd tooth is popping through (top left)! He has been miserable the past couple of days. I keep him happy with Children's Motrin. But last night, during the 1:00 am hour, Cohen started FREAKING out. I don't mean just crying in his crib, I mean full on inconsolable screaming. Nothing would comfort him, nothing. After an hour and a half, more Motrin and lots of screaming, he wore himself out and finally fell asleep. He woke up at 6:00 am, miserable again. I noticed him tugging on his ear and so into the doctor's office we went. Sure enough, each ear is infected. Darn teething. I hope to have him better soon.

As for other Williams' family going-ons...

There is something else that has been keeping us going and going the past week. Here are a few clues:

It's our new boat!!!

We are so excited to have it! Hopefully we will create many great memories. Isn't it a beauty?

Also, I just cracked open my first coconut and I think that is pretty cool.