Friday, December 18, 2009

December 18, 2009

Our day started off in a whirl wind when nobody woke up until 8:00 am. Jack leaves for school around 8:15. But, thank goodness I am awesome. I had him fed, dressed, teeth brushed, and lunch made with no time to spare! He was on time and our day was off to a speedy start.

Chad has every other Friday off, awesome! I love that about his job, among many other things. So, we got ourselves ready and took off to complete our list of errands. We finished that and got home for a little rest just as Jack got home from school.

Later we realized that we had skipped lunch and decided to go out for early dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Fortune Cookie. What happens when your baby has a poop that shoots straight out of his diaper and down his leg at the restaurant? You rush into the nearest bathroom hoping that you have a properly stocked diaper bag. But, what happens when that diaper bag is not stocked as well as it should be? You bundle your baby in a blanket until you can get him in his car seat, and then bring him home like this:

What can I say? Our day started off with a bang and ended with one. We had plans of being out and about for the evening, but obviously that wasn't was supposed to happen, so we came home and enjoyed a little "Christmas Vacation" as a family.

Today's Activity: Family Dinner and Christmas Vacation

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Anonymous said...

That is the funniest story and cutest picture to go with it. Keep your Christmas adventure stories comin' because I love reading them:)