Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Boys Only

Just before Jack got out of school for the summer, he asked me why we never have invited his school friends over to our house to play. He was right, we never had and I had not ever really thought about doing that before.
So, we planned a school's out for summer party. Jack decided that he wanted the theme of the party to be "No Girls Allowed." His last day of school he took invitations to this buddies in his kindergarten class and then we invited a couple of his favorite friends from our old neck of the woods to come along too. Nixin didn't exactly think it was fair that Jack got to invite friends and he didn't, so I let him pick 3 friends to invite as well.

We played a few games, including a balloon pop race (tie balloons to each persons foot and let them run around stomping each others balloons until they all pop), a getting dressed relay race (run, put on the pile of clothes, take them off and tag your team mate), "Happy Puppy" (say "happy puppy" with marshmallows in your mouth and it sounds funny), and ladder golf.

Blake, Max, Caleb, Cole, Nixin, Jack S., Jack W., Zachary, Brandon, and Dorian

We had pigs in a blanket, Cheetos, fruit kabobs, and brownies for lunch.

I walked into the living room about 20 minutes after the last guest left and my little Nixin was zonked. What a sweet heart!

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Linda said...

You are such a fun mom!