Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter 2009

The boys woke up so excited. They knew that the Easter Bunny had been here. The carrots that they had left out were only crumbs now. But where could he have hidden the Easter baskets?

On to the egg hunt. We have a couple of good hunters on our hands. They found all but 2 of the eggs (I know that because I found them myself this afternoon!) and had a lot of fun doing so.

Do you think we have enough candy filled eggs at our house? They should last us a while!

The boys baskets were filled with art supplies. Immediately following the big hunt, it was very important to play with their new goodies. One thing that the boys found in their baskets was molding clay. Nixin wanted to play with that first. He opened it up, squished it around for all of 2 seconds and he said "This stuff really stinks!" and he started dry heaving. It was so funny but it may not ever get played with at our house again. The Easter Bunny knows for next time.

Everyone was hungry after all of the excitement, so we decided to make pancakes, bunny pancakes.

Following breakfast, we all got ready for church. It was at this time that I put away the camera and forgot to get it out again for the rest of the day. I wish I would have gotten pictures of the boys in their handsome church clothes, or of my family (Grandpa Bob, Patsy, Luke, Lindsey, and Chris) eating Easter dinner together. But I didn't. I should have also gotten pictures of the boys blowing bubbles or playing soccer in the back yard with uncle Luke or of our funny dog going down the playground slide all by herself and getting so excited. We had a lot of fun this Easter and made some good memories.

Happy Easter!

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Amber! said...

How sad that clay is a no go! It looks like your Easter Bunny is a bit more creative then ours! The bathtub is pretty sneaky!