Sunday, March 29, 2009

Nixin's Birthday Re-cap

Nixin had a great 4th birthday and we wanted to share his day with you. It started off with his favorite breakfast, cereal. He went with Froot Loops:

Then it was present time. A couple of weeks ago Chad and I got a babysitter and went on a date. Just before we left, Nixin asked me where we were going. I told him that we were going shopping and he said "I bet you are going to buy me a shirt for my birthday." So, of course, we had to buy him a new shirt for his birthday:

Nixin has always LOVED baths. We saw this great little toy called the Bubble Blizzard and thought that he would have a blast with it. I'm not sure what he expected to find in his package, but by the looks of the picture, I don't think that he expected the Bubble Blizzard:

After running to the store to purchase batteries in our pajamas, it was time for the bath. He may not have been excited when he opened the package, but after he saw what this thing was capable of, he got pretty excited. It is really neat and it makes quite the bubble bath.

Uncle Luke made Nixin a shark for his birthday present. Nixin thought it was pretty funny.

Even though we could have had a lot of fun with Nixin's "Privacy Party" idea, we went with out the birthday parties this year and met up for bowling instead. Grandpa Rob and Debbie came for a little bit, Luke and his "friend" Lindsey stayed and bowled with us, and we let Nixin invite 2 friends to come along for the fun. He chose Max and Alyssa. Nixin did good and had a lot of fun:

We had pizza and root beer for dinner at the bowling alley. Nixin decided that instead of a birthday cake he wanted Dunford Donuts (that's my boy!) and as always they were delicious:

We had a great day. I love my little Nixin so much. Happy Birthday Nix!


Heather said...

That shark is actually really cool! Throw some chalkboard paint on that baby and it would be awesome in the boys room!

Ashley said...

Too cute! Heather ALWAYS has the coolest ideas! Are Luke and his "friend" serious? I am glad he had such an AWESOME day, he looks SO good in his new shirt!!!

Debbie said...

Happy late Birthday to Nixin! He's so cute, his smile just melts my heart.