Friday, February 27, 2009

A little scare...

We had a little scare at our house this morning when I woke up bleeding. I called the doctor who reassured me that these things can be normal early in pregnancy. She suggested that I come in for an ultrasound to make sure that everything was okay.
After we dropped Jack off at school, Nixin and I went in to the doctor. The baby was perfect, moving all over the place. They did find however that I have "minor placenta previa" and that seemed to be the source of my bleeding. Both the ultrasound tech and the doctor seemed to think that as the placenta grows, this problem will fix itself. What a relief! They will check it again at my next ultrasound.
The nice lady doing the ultrasound asked me if I wanted her to tell me what the sex of our baby was. I was surprised that at only 14 weeks she could already tell! The truth is that I was dying for her to tell me, but I really want Chad to be a part of that. So...she had me close my eyes and she took some "sex of the baby" pictures and sealed them in an envelope for us to open when Chad gets home from work today!!!
Here are some pictures that I can share with you now:

What do my kids think about the sealed envelope?
Nixin has asked multiple times if we can open it. About five minutes ago he said to me "Mom, I think it is time to open the envelope so I know if we are having a brother or a sister."
Jack just walked in the door from kindergarten and I showed him the pictures that we got today. Then I told him what was hiding in the envelope on the fridge. He started clapping his hands and had one of the biggest smiles on his face. He said "I think it's a brother!" I left the room a second later and listened as he leaned down to Murphy (our dog) and said "Murphy, what do you think the baby is? Huh Murph? It is probably a brother."
I love that they are showing such an interest in this baby. I was so certain that they were going to be pretty upset by the idea, but to my surprise they are constantly asking questions, touching my stomach and talking to each other about it. They are darling!


Debbie said...

I'm glad you're ok. I'm with Jack on this one. If she was certain at 14 weeks what the sex was, it must be a boy! Can't wait to hear!

Heather said...

That is always a bit scary! I can't wait for you to open your envelope!!!

Jen said...

A little scare? That's a BIG scare! I'm so glad everything is OK. What time does Chad get home? We're all anxious to find out too! ;)

Ashley said...

I am glad you're ok!!! If you need me to do ANYTHING, please let me know!!! Take it a little easy the next couple days, we don't want anything to happen to "baby girl williams". hee hee. You and Murph need some company :0) Let me ASAP!