Monday, March 22, 2010

February in a Nutshell

In an effort to get Favorite Aunt Sarah to blog, keep my promise to Grandma Becky that I would blog, and as a confirmation to my cousin, Hollee that I am not MIA, here I go:

Our baby is growing so fast!

Jack received the "Principal's Pride" award from school:

Nixin taught himself how to blow awesome bubbles in the bath:

Cohen is getting more and more adorable every day:

Jack finished up his basketball season:

A little bird found Nixin's homemade bird feeder:

Cohen loves bath time:

Jack visited the book fair at school, he LOVES to read:

Nixin has a new favorite hobby:

And this little face just melts my heart, I'm so happy we have him!


Heather said...

You forgot to mention your picture taking is getting really good too! Some great light capture in those first two Cohen pictures.

Jen said...

I ditto Heather! I LOOOOVE the bath time picture. It's so adorable. Maybe I'm just slow, but Jack looks SO MUCH like Chad all of a sudden! And Nixin's underwear and socks are a HOOT!! =) I forget most kids like to run around at home like that. NONE of mine ever did that. They'd whine and cry if they weren't dressed.

jay and holl said...

I love your pics of sweet baby cohen, he is looking more like nixin to me now! Mickey loves being naked too or just in a pj's shirt, drives me crazy! thanks for mentioning me in your blog i feel important now!

Anonymous said...

Oh yea! Thank you, thank you, thank you! What a great way to start the day - - looking at pictures of my beautiful grandsons and thinking about how wonderful my daughter-in-law is! Love Grandma Becky

Anonymous said...

Cute Pictures! Did you use your new camera for those? They have a more professional look to them. Cohen is getting cuter and cuter with each post. How is that possible?

To answer your question:
Yes, Easton eats normal food. He has since 6 months. I only ever give my babies baby food from 4-6 months and then I switch to table food. It has really helped them not be such picky eaters.