Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cohen and a Fat Lip

I have a couple more pictures to share of our sweet little baby. Cohen has had a bit of a cold but with the help of a bugar sucker and a humidifier, he is hanging in there. We love him so much.

Nixin had a run in with the tile yesterday. I need to try to remember to re-teach my kids how to walk/run in socks on the tile floor at the beginning of fall each year. Turns out that it's a little slippery. Nixin biffed it pretty hard but after we cleaned up all of the blood, all that was left was a fat lip.


carriebutler said...

um, sorry about the fat lip (she said sheepishly)

jay and holl said...

nixin is so funny, look at that face! oh and i Love the pics! so precious.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that tie shirt that Cohen is wearing. Where did you get that?