Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day! We have the greatest women in our lives and we hope that each of their days are wonderful ones.
My morning started off when a very excited Jack brought me a card that he made. His babysitter helped him a couple of days ago and he has been dying to give it to me. It is darling, I love it!

I also got a new purse and a matching pair of sunglasses, which I am very excited about. We had breakfast together this morning and are planning on sluffing all but Sacrament Meeting of church today, then heading to Bountiful for a barbecue with Ken and Becky.
I am so grateful for the blessing of being a mother. I love every day of it. My children are wonderful and I can think of nothing more that I would rather be doing than caring for them.

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jay and holl said...

what an awesome babysitter! I wouldnt be giving out her name.