Sunday, December 14, 2008

One More...

Okay, one more funny thing that Nixin said...

We were in the car the other night and we were trying despirately to help Nixin understand what sounds the first four letters of the alphabet say (he's having a very hard time understanding this!).

We start off with letter A.

Erica: "A says aah. A says aah. What does A say?"
Nixin: "Aah"
Okay, got that one.
Erica: "Yes! Aah apple".

Erica: "B says buh. B says buh. What does B say?"
Nixin: "Buuuhhhh"
Okay, got that one too.
Erica: "Good job! Buh, Buh bird".

Erica: "C says cah. C says cah. What does C say?"
Nixin: "Cah, cah, Sophia". (Instantly grinning from ear to ear!)

Chad and Erica laugh uncontrolably! (Don't you just love how I spelled the sounds that the letters make?)


Sarah Jean said...

Love the stories. Hope you all have a happy holiday season - would love to see pictures or video's of Christmas.

Amber! said...

How smart is he! I love it! I thought you did a great job at spelling the letters, too!