Thursday, December 11, 2008


After brushing his teeth last night, my 3 year old Nixin had the following conversation with his dad:

Nixin: Hey dad, I want to tell you something.
Chad: What do you want to tell me buddy?
Nixin: I kind of have a girlfriend and her name is Sophia...
(Nixin shyly runs away)

Nixin has his first girlfriend! Sophia is a cute little girl in his preschool class. He tells me often that he "played with Sophia today". I guess he's finally decided that she is girlfriend material. I love this age that he is, I love him!


Ashley said...

Hee Hee- Emily is DYING to tell someone! I have threatened her with no Christmas if she tells anyone :0) Have to be a bad mommy for a minute. He's such a sweet boy, I loved playing Wii with him today! I have a feeling BOTH your boys will have LOTS of girlfriends!

Sarah Jean said...

How cute is that - I can't believe how grown up he sounds.

Hancock family said...

Sofia is our little neighbor girl. i will tell her mom about this one!!!!
Blake has a crush on another little girl from their school--is starts to young..

brent said...

I know I haven't met you yet... Sofia is my daughter... my husband and I have not laughed out loud like that for awhile! Funny thing is that I've been meaning to meet you because a few weeks ago she came home from school and said "Dad, Nixin is my friend, Nixin is my boyfriend." We were like, who is Nixin? Glad to know the feelings are mutual... he's a cute kid! She has good taste!