Thursday, November 6, 2008


I am just realizing that I have forgotten to introduce an important part of our family to this blog. Murphy is our daschund (or wiener dog, as our boys like to call her). She is the laziest, cuddliest, sweetest dog that we could have ever asked for. We have had Murphy for almost 5 years. The boys love her so much. The first thing they do every morning is find Murphy, who is usually hiding in a pile of blankets somewhere, and give her loves. Chad might love her even more than the boys do...he tries to sneak her into our bed all the time because "she is cold" and I tease him that he gives her more cuddles than he gives me. She can to a total of 5 tricks: Sit, Give Me Five, Bang! (Roll over onto her back), Speak, and Sing. She LOVES to sing. If you sing a song and wiggle your pointer finger at her, she will bark along. It's pretty cute really. She loves to eat Iams dog food and bones. The funniest thing about Murphy is that when she is out of food or water she will bring you her dish. She is a wonderful pet and we love her.


Ashley said...

Oh my goodness- the puppy pics make me love her even more!!! She really is a great dog. I love how when I come over, she won't leave me alone until she thinks I have given her enough loves!!! It must be the breed- Zeus is part long-haired & he is an AWESOME dog too! Maybe they should "meet"!?!?

Anonymous said...

Your so funny! I was actually just thinking I need to do a blog for Zoey but I'll wait now so we don't steal Murphy's thunder. Too cute Erica:)

Kimmy Sunshine said...

What an absolute sweetheart. I've have always wanted a weiner dog and now this makes me want one more.