Tuesday, September 2, 2008


It is official that both of my boys are in school! I called Chad after I dropped Nixin off for his first day and told him that half of me wanted to bawl and the other half was screaming with excitement.

Nixin did awesome. I worried a little about how well he'd do, but what I should have remembered is that last year every day that we took Jack to school, Nixin would put on his backpack and think he got to go to school with Jack. Then I would make him hop back in the car with me and back home we'd go. Nixin has been waiting a long time for his turn to go to school. When we got there today he said "Bye Mom I have to go hang up my backpack" and off he went. He was so brave and very excited to be there and he was all smiles when it was over. He can't wait to go back on Thursday.


Amber said...

YEAH! I can't wait to be there. At least to get Alora into school. :) Grayson is starting his second year of preschool and it has been the best thing for him!

Sarah Jean said...

Enjoy every minute - I can't believe how fast it goes.