Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Rash

As many of you have heard my darling hubby has a rash. A really bad rash. We think it might be a reaction to laundry detergent (Tide HE) although we are not sure exactly the cause of his misery. I know, I know...you assumed that Chad had sexy legs. I assure you that usually they are, really sexy. But not now. They are, at the moment, quite disgusting. Unfortunately the rash has lasted about 2 weeks now, doubling every day, spreading over his entire body. Fortunately the doctors seem to have FINALLY put him on the right medicine (after 4 trips to their office and about 8 prescriptions later). The rash seems the tiniest bit better today, at least it hasn't spread. Hope the picture helps put this baby into perspective for those of you out there who were wondering about it!


Anonymous said...

Myles gets rashes from detergent too. We switched to Gain and that seems to help. But when he takes bubble baths he gets them bad too. Poor Chad! That looks seriously painful.

Sarah Jean said...

I hope it doesn't hurt. Best of luck to you and the return of your sexy legs.

Amber said...

That looks so painful! My children all have excema so we have to be careful about our detergent, too. We use All allergen free. It seems to work for our kiddos! Good luck finding something that works for you.