Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Dear Grandma

Dear Grandma,

It has been 3 long years without you. We love you and think of you every day. I hope you are happy and doing well.

I have so many fond memories of you. Of course, birthdays together are at the very top of my list and I am so very thankful to have shared that special day with you. I would not have wanted to share my cakes with anyone but you.

You always made holidays special. They were so much fun and must have taken hours of work on your behalf. I have many fond memories of Christmas morning there in your basement with the full stockings hanging on the mantel. Thanksgivings too. You were so nice to let me sleep over and "help" prepare the feast the next day. As my eyes are burning now, I am reminded of preparing the stuffing. Sauteing the celery and onions...ouch!

I laugh now thinking about how Luke and I would talk you into making us different things for lunch. I remember so clearly many, many times watching you over the stove making me grilled cheese and tomato soup (my all time favorite comfort food, thanks to you) and Luke would request a Totino's pizza and Bean and Bacon soup. You would make all 4 of those things to keep you grand kids happy. You are the best.

I feel most grateful though for the roll that you filled as my mother when my own mother wasn't there for me. I could talk to you about anything, and I did. Thanks for listening. You were great to lend me advice and I really truly feel that you left this world as one of my very best friends. I loved every moment that I spent with you. I treasure that time that we had together and miss seeing you so often.

You loved all of us with all of your heart and we know that. You were a shining example of the way that we should live our lives and raise our families. You taught me more things than I could ever put on paper. You were a wonderful mentor and I thank you for all that you did for me. I recognize how much you sacrificed for my family and appreciate so much everything that you have done for us.

On the anniversary of your passing, I remember so perfectly our family sitting closely around you throughout the night. I held your hands. I couldn't put them down. Your hands did so much for me, for all of us. They were beautiful. Perfectly aged, long pretty fingers. I wish I'd have taken a picture of them to share with the world. To say "these are the hands that helped me through my life, through my happy times and my hard ones". I didn't want to let you go. I needed you, I always have. I know that you are still near. I have felt your presence. I find comfort in that and know that I will see you again one day. I look forward to your loving embrace and sweet kiss on my cheek.

With all of my love and appreciation,


jay and holl said...

goll Erica do you just blog to make me cry! i love it though thank you she was so pretty and sweet wasnt she. I love what you said about her hands becuase I always always loved her hands. I remeber just sitting next to her staring at her hands and never could resist touching them so soft. I also remember watching do just everyday things like folding her napkin over and over again and how she buttered her toast, little things like that just caught your attention and didnt let go, it was soothing. we are so lucky to have such a wonderful grandma.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Erica! That was the sweetest letter. And I loved the slideshow!! Are you the cute little girl in all the pictures? You have to be one of the cutest people I know!!

Amber said...

Your grandmother was beautiful, Erica. I am sorry that she is gone. What wonderful memories you have!

carriebutler said...

What a beautiful post, I am wiping tears out of my eyes. Your grandma was a knockout!!