Friday, July 25, 2008

Pioneer Day

Happy 24th of July! We had such a fun day and wanted to share our pictures with everyone.

Chad had to work, that was a bummer. But the boys and I made the most of our day. It sarted early with yard work. It was not my intention to work so long in the hot sun, but I did, with a few little breaks in between.

After mowing the lawn we hooked up the boy's "rocket ship sprinkler" and the fun began. Murphy (our Dachsund) had as much fun as Jack and Nixin did with the sprinkler. Whenever the boys were ready to launch the rocket, Murphy would attack it and knock it down, barking and wagging her tail the entire time. It made Jack especially mad, but I was laughing the whole time. It helped me a great deal through the pulling of the Morning Glory. I hate that stuff! When the fun of the sprinkler wore off, we had a Totino's Cheese Pizza picnic in the back yard. I had a nice time with my kids.

Later that evening Jack pumped up an enormous soccer ball and the boys played with it outside. We went for a stroll around the block- Chad on his skateboard, the boys on their bikes, and I walked.

We came home and before we knew it, it was firework time! You would think that a 5 year old watching his friends and brother having so much fun with sparklers would think that they were fun too. Instead Jack hid behind the mailbox and wimpered. Eventually he did do 2 sparklers and he is pretty proud of himself. Chad finished our night off with the "Pyro 1" pack of fireworks and the kids thought that was pretty cool. We had a really fun day and can't wait for next years festivities!

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