Monday, July 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Chad!

Today my honey is 32! I want to wish him a very special and happy birthday. In celebration of this day, I have decided to list 32 of the reasons that I love Chad. Here they go:

1. He is my best friend
2. He is a wonderful father
3. He is a great provider for our family
4. He lets me drive the nicer car
5. He is funny
6. He is smart with computers
7. He helps me a lot with computers
8. He makes me smile
9. He takes good care of our yard
10. He gives the kids elevator rides to bed every night
11. He is clean
12. He does great puppet shows
13. He dresses nice
14. He is the spiritual strength in our home
15. He is a hard worker
16. He likes to have fun
17. He brings me home wonderful Stampin' Up products
18. He is a good lover
19. He has great eyes
20. He takes me on dates
21. He is supportive of Bunko and Girl's Nights
22. He loves his kids
23. He loves Murphy and I think it's cute
24. He has become pretty handy
25. He is reliable
26. He makes nice cards
27. He looks hot on his skateboard
28. He has many talents
29. He smells good
30. He has a sweet smile
31. He likes my cooking
32. And even though he is really old now, he is still good looking!

Happy Birthday Chad, I love you!


Ashley said...

Happy Birthday to Chad, Happy Birthday to Chad... Let him know!!! This was a really sweet and thoughtful gift!!! I think he's the lucky one. Y'all are a great couple and great friends!!! :o)Ashley
PS: I can't wait to try to cookies- Yum-O!!!

torgyfamilyblog said...

oh i never realized how cute chad was. he is so lucky to have you! tell him happy bday and you too in a couple of days, any fun plans?

Anonymous said...

Hey Erica! Glad I found you on here! I remembered it was Chad's Birthday and wondered how you guys were! You have the most darling family!!! Hope you are all doing well and loving your new house.

Kimmy Sunshine said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Chad, I hope it was a splendid one. You 2 are one of the cutest and most sincere couples I know. Kudos to you.

Amber said...

That is such a cute idea...I just might steal it in a couple of weeks. Happy birthday to you, too! Any fun plans?

The Williams Family said...

I have the best wife ever :-)