Wednesday, June 25, 2008

How We Began

10 years ago (Woa! 10 years? That does not sound right!) Erica took a job at Top Cut Plus in Foothill Village. It was a far drive from her home in Kearns, but she felt good about it and so the commute began. A couple of years later, after a long day at work, Chad called up to the salon and asked out the totally hot and totally hip Erica (as she was sweeping up a days worth of hair). Unfortunately at the time Erica was involved in a relationship and had to turn down the client that had over time become her friend. About 7 months passed and Chad came in for his Christmas haircut. Erica was a little gloomy that day (on purpose, of course...she planned it that way). Chad asked her what was wrong and she informed him that she was a little bummed out because she and her boyfriend had broken up. Erica finished up his haircut and took him to the front counter so that he could pay. Just before he left he said to her "Don't let this ruin all of your days". Erica, being as brave as she had have ever been, said to him "It won't. Remember that date that you asked me out on? I am taking a rain check". He looked at her and said "I will have to check, that might have expired" and he left- over Christmas!!!

That happened to be on a Friday. Christmas that year was on a Sunday (if I remember correctly). That Monday, the day after Christmas, Chad called Erica up at the salon and asked her if she was serious about going out with him. Of course she was and they went out that night...and every night afterwards.

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Linda said...

Great blog! The story of how you two got together is really cute.