Sunday, October 26, 2008


This is a picture of my friend Aubrey and her family at the beach in California. Isn't it a great picture? Aubrey made the decision to go through the temple this past weekend and so I wanted to make a special "congratulations" post for her. I am a horrible, awful friend who let the date catch up much too fast and forgot to make the arrangements to be there. I am sorry for that Aubrey. I hope your day was wonderful! Congrats.


Ashley said...

I love the new background! and on the recipe blog too! I was thinking we should put picky palate on there (recipe blog) too. I went to the sight, they do look like scrapbook pages. I am so happy for your friend, maybe i'll make there one day too?!? Give them a big congrats for me! too-ta-loo

Little Lawrences said...

Oh Gosh, Erica- You are such a sweet friend. I just sent you a rambling email about how I can't find your blog and then I click on something and POP there it is. You are so encouraging and supportive and I want you to know that I appreciate it:) I am so thankful for wonderful friends like you!